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Trix Twin Railway History with pictures 1935 to 1955

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Including catalogue numbers for all items produced in England

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Time Line

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The years of conception :

1900 -1935


         Stephan Bing and Wynne Bassett-Lowke work together on large scale model railways


         Smaller Bing Table Top Railway is developed.


         1933 Siegfried Kahn invents two HO trains running independently on one track




The early years 1935 to 1937


Diorama 1935 1





         1935 Bing launches Trix Express at Leipzig toy fair


         Trix Ltd in England introduces Trix Twin Railway with a range of 00 models at the B.I.F. in 1936.


         Bassett Lowke pushes for more scale like appearances and launches Portsmouth set




The years of rapid development 1938 to 1939


Large manyways station complex1





         Public demand leads to rapid development of new models.


         Princess , Flying Scotsman and Coronation Scot locomotives follow.

         Many other Trix innovations.


         Trix Twin becomes the leading model railway company in England





The post war era 1946 to 1955


Extract 55 cat



         Trix Twin quickly gets into production


         New US models launched


         New improved Flying Scotsman with auto uncoupling


         Exciting models such as Elevator Conveyor produced.


         Trix Trains start of changeover from AC to DC.




Battery Trains 1953 to 1960







         Trix Ltd and their cousin Trix Express in Germany experiment with more children friendly trains such as Battery operated sets.


         In UK Junior set with DC generator launched

Advertisements 1935 to 1965





         A look at Trix Twin railways, TTR and Twin Train advertisements over 30 years


         From the first ever Trix Express advertisement to designed for action promotions




An in depth look at some items


All TTR buildings 1935 to 1955





         First buildings designed by Henry Greenly and Bassett Lowke


         Wide range of wooden buildings


         Ernest Twinning develops Manyways station units


         Siegfried Kahn invents Elevator Conveyor





Lowko Gradients


new use.jpg



         The Bassett Lowke company develops HO gradients for use on their show room layouts


         1938 TTR start using them at public exhibitions


         Public demand leads to producing some for sale in 1939


War stops production non made after war












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