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TTR Collecting – In Practice


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1936 LMS suburban passenger set




This section will attempt to answer those questions I am most common frequently asked and give practical advice, ( my own views), on collecting and running and repairing Trix Twin.  The first part deals with the basic facts, explaining what is meant by “Twin” and why Trix Twin differs from other systems as well as examples on how to set up and wire a layout.  The second part shows examples of layouts as proposed by TTR from simple designs to an exhibition blue print from Bassett-Lowke’s own draftsmen.  Some useful advanced ideas follow showing you how to make flexible track and put lights in Manyways awning platforms, ( I plan to add to this part in future).  Advice on repairing locomotives taken from TTR publications and some tips of my own and others are listed.  Finally the all important contacts needed to buy spares are listed…. what would we do without these important gentlemen ? 




Why  TWIN”,  other facts explained  and wiring the layout

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TRIX TWIN  layouts


Some ideas

Track plans cover 1



Flexible track – make your own its easier than you think !

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GERMflg  Deutscher text




Lights for the Manyways station platforms

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Repairs – hints and tips

Service dept instructions

This section is still in preparation.

It will be added soon




- where to buy them

In England,  spare parts from 1935 to 1970


Martin Drayson  for members of TTRCA


In Germany, Trix Express and Trix Twin spare parts, including mouldings also from 1935 to 1970, and some repairs by negotiation.


Franz Nowack

Allinger Strasse 24

D-82223 Eichenau

Nei Munchen



Tel 08141-818 537, 



Most important

Remember to join :-


The Trix Twin Collectors Association

Dedicated to collectors of Trix Twin.


Regular meetings throughout the UK. A quarterly magazine and much more.


Brian Arnold, Membership Secretary,

6 Ribble Avenue, Oadby,

 Leicester LE2 4NZ






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