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Trix Twin Railways

TTR - Table top trains from 1935 to 1965


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Last update 1st May 2015

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The largest Trix Trains website with information, help, tips, pages of history, many photos, HO layouts from around the World and much more for enthusiasts, including Trix Express and Trix Twin Railway for sale.



I am always happy to answer queries about this fascinating hobby.


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1935 loco finalc

History of Trix

in pictures from 1935 to 1955, showing the beginning 1935 to 1937 the golden years 1938 & 1939 and the post war period 1946 to 1954 a valuable reference guide.


Trix Train advertisements from 1935 to 1954


More advertisements from 1955 to 1965



Coronation set 3


Also all TTR catalogues : the vital reference tool from 1935 to 1971

Cat 1937 animation 2


Exhibition layouts

from 1936 to the post war early years and up to date modern shows

Show layout 1939 2


Many TTR pictures of layouts from around the World by other experienced collectors


Trix Twin in practice

Southern through 1936 station6


a guide to collecting and running Trix Twin :-


including vital facts from wiring a layout to more ambitious plans, right up to making your own flexitrack, and lighting ideas and not forgetting repair tips and where to get spares

Track plans 6




Sales :


Sorry sold out for now !





Plus Links to other

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Mnysthrough night.jpg


A Diesel Flyer about to enter a Manyways station at night








History in pictures | Exhibition layouts | TTR in practice | World layouts | Links