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Trix Twin Layouts from around the World Index

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From England :-


Dr Barnardo’s

1955 Layout

Description and video link




Barnados 3.jpg


Duncan Bell’s

Reproduction of   TTR’s 1939 layout


Bell Main station A.jpg




Keith Hayman’s

Hayman layout1




Garry Lefevre’s

My station view3




Martin Drayson’s


Drayson 3



From Scotland :-


        Neale Lawson’s Giant layout

Lawson 2




From The Netherlands :-


    Henk Dubbelt’s  Twin” layouts



From Switzerland :-


Knubi Club, near Zurich

Img zurich1


From Germany


    Peter Berg’s Bavarian dream

Layout Peter Bs 1




Roland Buchhold’s

Layout roland freight train

Dr. Michael Linnenbach’s in           Heidelberg



And from across the Atlantic :-


Keith Jones’s in USA





KJones new 16





Plus Postcards  from  around  the  World !!


Layout Argentina

Layout in Swiss

Layout Bournmouth belle


A Swiss view

Dorset England

Layout in loft2

Layout in loft

Layout portsmouth

A London loft

London Loft 2



Southern through 1936 station6


A Scottish diorama

As shown in the TTRCA gazette December 2002




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