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Here’s a simple way to add lights to your Manyways station covered span or platform



Fun page manyways3

The finished lights on my layout


The light itself is made by BRAWA # 5537


Brawa 1


This represents a neon tube light on a platform.

The TTR platforms have an indentation in the side as part of the design.  This can be used to insert a plastic rectangular pipe.


drawing 1



The tube I use measures 4mm x 2mm and is cut 10.15cms long, bought from a model shop. A hole is drilled in the centre through which the wire is fed.  A similar piece of plastic tubing is then placed vertically at each end. It is not glued but the wire passes through to the base of the platform, and via a hole to the underneath of the layout.  This plastic tubular frame is then pressed into the frame of the platform awning, using only the tight fit to hold it in place.  Thus it can easily be taken out to change the bulb.  The picture below shows the frame in place.


Fun page manyways1


Once the platform is placed back to back with another Manyways structure such as the awning, the frame becomes almost invisible if it is painted the same colour as the Manyways platform side.


In the above picture only one light is inserted on the right.  On the left you can see the small hole at the base of the column through which the wire is fed.  This also shows the indentation which is part of the design of the platform.


Seen from the front it looks like this :


Fun page manyways2


A simple and easy way to make effective lights for the Manyways station platforms that does not damage the structure.


There are some refinements : I have also linked both sets of bulbs in each platform to a small plug underneath the platform which plugs into a socket on the table top.  In this way the platform can be unplugged and lifted off without having to get the soldering iron out each time !


An idea by Trixcollector




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