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In England



                An  organisation devoted to collecting & operating TTR


         Steve White’s TTR site


         The Bassett-Lowke Society


         Bassett-Lowke WANTED


         Märklin wanted by collector


In Germany       


         IG Trix Express


          Günther Krauss  on Trix Express


          Peter Berg’s TTR in Germany


         Trix Express Friends  Berlin


         Trix club in the Deutsche Bahn museum


         Klaus Dieter Frohn’s site


         Martin Weinfurtner’s home page


         Michael Morscheck details about repairing many items


         Mike Kirste about TRIX EXPRESS-between 1935-1940


         Paul J. Ettl’s imaginative home page with computerised plans


          Peter Tritthart’s impressive layout


          Rainer Haug’s on OO model trains.


          Werner’s Trix  Sale


          Klaus Dieter Frohn’s Trix Express site


          Trix Express friends in Aachen


In Switzerland

             Trix Express in Switzerland


          Knubi club in Zurich


In The Netherlands


         Roland Geskus' Trix Express site


         Trix Express club in Holland


         Stefan van de Poll’s web page – a keen collector of the bakelite era


         A Dutch website in English






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